Ted Dimond

Capturing the Power and Precision of Athletes in Motion

From Ted’s very first memories, you’d always find him with either a paintbrush or some kind of racket in hand. His love for sports and art became the building blocks of his creative expression, uniting to create a unique mix of sports and artistic style. This blend has been the driving force shaping Ted’s creative journey.

During his active playing career, tennis took the spotlight, but Ted’s time on the court fueled his artistic passions. A decade-long stay in France, where he lived and studied, played a significant role in shaping his artistic journey. This period added a multicultural layer to Ted’s background, having been born in New York, raised in California, and educated in the artistic haven of France.

Ted’s artistic prowess is his singular focus finding him creating captivating paintings for some of the world’s most renowned athletes and cultural icons. From Jack Nicklaus to Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal to Muhammad Ali and The Raging Bull Robert Dinero, Ted’s works transcended sports, capturing the essence and spirit of these luminaries.

Notably, Ted’s has been commissioned to express his artistic vision both domestically and internationally at stadiums and events of great renown. Ted’s work hangs in the owner’s box at MetLife Stadium, USTA tennis center, shown at Wimbledon, The French Open and numerable other locations. These collaborations stand as a testament to Ted’s ability to translate his artistic vision into pieces that resonate not only with individuals but also with prestigious institutions.

As Ted prepares for his upcoming football-themed show, his artistic style takes center stage. A boldly innovative technique characterizes his approach, with each artwork serving as evidence of his distinctive multi-layered method. Infusing depth and motion onto canvas, Ted encapsulates the inherent energy and passion of the sport.

In the realm of sports portraiture, Ted Dimond emerges as a visionary artist, comparable to the legendary Leroy Neiman. His indelible, signature style transcends any single sport, capturing the spirit of athletes and the essence of the places they play. The upcoming show promises a captivating exploration of football, featuring Ted’s unique vision of the sport, its players, and the distinctive atmospheres that define the football world.