August 29th. What an evening on Madison Avenue. And another wonderful event for Art of the Game.

Painter Ted Dimond proudly displayed some of his latest breathtaking work. The motion, the color, the excitement, and the very essence of so many tennis legends. It’s the kind of work that one must be in the room with, to see it, to study it, and fully enjoy the enormity of the moment.

There was chilled rosé in everyone’s glasses, as they awaited the arrival of several tennis titans. There was music, conversation, discussion of the Open, and a general appreciation of life’s good things.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to the wonderful patrons and fans of both Art of the Game and Ted Dimond. Whether you are a longtime supporter or this was your first event with us, we thank you. There are more events coming up with Art of the Game, and we welcome you to sign up with our mailing list to receive upcoming invitations.

Thank you again!
– Ted Dimond